Farm Energy Discount Program

February 9, 2024

Provides 10% discount to eligible farms on electricity and natural gas bills.

The Farm Energy Discount Program provides discounts on electricity and natural gas bills of 10% to eligible entities engaged in production agriculture. Subject to certification by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources("MDAR" or "Department") persons or corporations determined to be principally and substantially engaged in the business of production agriculture or farming for an ultimate commercial purpose will, upon written application, be eligible for a ten percent discount on rates.

Persons or corporations with 75 or more full time employees in January of the application year will not be eligible for nor qualify for the Farm Discount. Full time employees shall not include any seasonal or part-time workers.

Please note that the discount will not be available until an application is filed and MDAR certifies eligibility to your energy supplier. Each application will be considered on the basis of the information contained therein. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you provide the Department with as much detail as possible.

To apply please download the Application Form: Farm Energy Discount Application Form

Upon determination that the applicant qualifies for the Farm Discount, MDAR will certify to the appropriate power supplier (either electricity or natural gas) that the applicant meets the requirements for the Farm Discount. The discount is not available for propane or fuel oil accounts.

If there have been any changes to energy account(s), participants must notify the Department. Current participants can also review their account information online to ensure its accuracy. Using their unique User Name and Access Code, current participants can access the information at the following website:

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Contact: Joao Tavares

[email protected]

(617) 620-4398