UMass Offers Invasive Insect Certification Program

August 24, 2021


Katelyn Parsons

This six-day webinar series looks at the characteristics, impacts and costs of invasive insects, highlighting the biology, ecology, and identification of some of the most destructive insects. Also covered will be state and federal regulations pertaining to invasive insect management, invasive forest and agricultural insects in Massachusetts, warnings about potential newcomers, and management strategies. Integrated Pest Management will be the focus, highlighting cultural and mechanical management options along with the use of biological control.

Participants may receive a certificate in INVASIVE INSECT MANAGEMENT upon the successful completion of all six webinars and earning a passing score on associated online quizzes following each class.

Participants not interested in a certificate may also attend all or some of these webinars without taking the quizzes. Attendees are encouraged to take all six sessions in one season to get the most out of the information. While individuals from anywhere are welcome to join us, this training will have a geographic focus on Massachusetts and New England.

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The 2021 sessions are:
Day 1: Tue, Sept 28: The Impacts and Costs of Invasive Insects
Day 2: Wed, Sept 29: The Impacts and Costs of Invasive Insects, continued
Day 3: Tue, Oct 12: Invasive Forest and Agricultural Insects in MA: Current and Future
Day 4: Wed, Oct 13: Invasive Forest and Agricultural Insects in Massachusetts, continued
Day 5: Tue, Oct 26: Management of Invasive Forest and Landscape Insect Pests
Day 6: Wed, Oct 27: Management of Invasive Forest and Landscape Insect Pests, continued

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Credits for EACH webinar:
Pesticide:Two pesticide contact hours for categories 35, 36, 48 and Applicators License available.
Association: 1 MCLP, 1 MCA, and 1 MCH credits. ISA and SAF credits requested.