USDA/RMA is Soliciting Feedback About improved Federal Crop Insurance Coverage

August 25, 2020


Katelyn Parsons

The USDA, Risk Management Agency (RMA) is soliciting feedback about improved Federal Crop Insurance coverage options for farmers selling to local food markets including but not limited to farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), road-side stands, restaurants, retailers, schools, and institutions. Federal Crop Insurance options for farmers selling to these local markets have been very limited and RMA will use the feedback to help identify potential changes to existing products and/or additions of new policies for producers growing specialty crops and supplying local markets. The sessions will be conducted by Agralytica, a private entity contracted by RMA to conduct these virtual listening sessions.
The session for Region 2 (which includes all New England States) will be conducted on Tuesday, September 1st at Noon. While producers in Region 2 are encouraged to participate in this session, they may join other scheduled sessions shown on the link below. The link below also contains the instructions for accessing the virtual listening sessions. Additional feedback can also be provided to Agralytica following instructions on the last page of the link.
RMA is required under the 2018 Farm Bill to improve and expand coverage options available to specialty crop producers. The 2020 growing season has presented a variety of challenges and obstacles for specialty crop producers. This is an excellent opportunity to provide feedback on the types of products that could improve production risk management options for your farming operation. Please take advantage of this opportunity!