DOT Safety Audit

April 27, 2020


Katelyn Parsons

In light of recent FMCSA scam letters, phone calls and emails, we reached out to FMCSA regarding the required DOT Safety Audits.  Below is information that they provided to us:

FMCSA safety audits will ALL be done offsite.  The process requires the carrier to upload certain documents to a website and then FMCSA will review the documents that the carrier was asked to upload. If there is a reason to go to the carrier and do the safety audits the “old fashioned way”,  then FMCSA have been holding off on those until the COVID-19 issues settle down.

How this works is FMCSA will notify the carrier to upload certain documents. Once they upload them, FMCSA will get a notification of the upload and they then will assign it to either one of their Investigators or one of the State Troopers from the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit.  These then get done in the order that they receive them, because of this, FMCSA has informed us not to get anxious if you don’t hear anything right away. If there is anything missing then the Investigator or Trooper will call or email the carrier for specific information.