Please note that the start of Calendar Year 2020 Annual Pesticide Applicator License Renewal season is just around the corner—beginning October 1, 2019.  Each year the Department receives inquiries as to why licenses that were issued new in August and September have an expiration date of December 31st.  The below information is meant to clarify when the expiration date on new credentials changes from the current calendar year to the next.  This information is provided to prevent confusion and perhaps even save money on related licensing fees. 

1.       Pesticide Applicator Licenses/Certifications expire every calendar year and new credentials issued before October 1st, expire at the end of the current calendar year i.e.  12/31/2019.

2.       A new pesticide credential issued after October 1st is issued active for the rest of the remaining calendar year and expires at the end of the following calendar year i.e. 12/31/2020.

3.       When a pesticide applicator (core) license or certification license is not needed immediately, an applicant may save on regulatory expenses (fees) by submitting the “new” application after October    In other words, by waiting until October 1st the “new” credential will be issued with an expiration date for the following calendar year i.e. 12/31/2020.

4.       Applicators “upgrading” their Commercial Applicator (core) License to a Commercial Certification License, must also pay the corresponding “new” credential fee of $150.  Such new Credential or Category Fees are paid for each new category that is added under the specific Commercial Certification License.  These new category fees are paid one-time and separately from the Annual Renewal Fees.  Should an applicator seek additional categories in the same Calendar Year, he or she would be required to pay an additional new category fee for each new category added under the individual’s commercial certification license.

5.      Annual “renewal” licensing fees are treated distinctly from “new” category fees.  Individuals will notice that one renewal fee covers the renewal of all categories under the individual’s commercial certification license.  This is why an individual with two or more categories pays the same annual renewal fee as another individual who maintains only one category.

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