The 2019 Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation’s (MFBF’s) annual meeting was held on Friday, Dec. 6, during which delegates voted on board of director positions and discussed and adopted resolutions. They also approved an updated strategic plan for the organization, which will serve as a guide in the coming years.  

“Our delegates carefully consider the resolutions placed in front of them, which is why our grassroots policy development process is so well respected,” said MFBF President Mark Amato. “This year’s resolutions focused on issues ranging from managing pests to college tuition forgiveness and more. Based on the feedback we received from delegates today, MFBF is better able to chart a course of action for 2020.”  

At the end of this discussion period, MFBF delegates prioritized resolutions that they felt MFBF staff and leadership should tackle first. Following the statewide meeting, if a resolution has national applicability, the MFBF will bring the resolution to American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting in January for consideration.  

During the business meeting, delegates also voted on Board of Director positions that were up for election. Following this election, MFBF’s 2019-2020 Board of Directors now includes:  

  • Mark Amato, President
  • Laura Abrams, Vice President
  • Wayne Smith, Treasurer
  • Vacant, Immediate Past President
  • Bob Kilmer, Berkshire County Representative
  • Fred Dabney, Bristol County Representative
  • Dave Ross, Cape & Islands County Representative
  • Cliff Taylor, Essex County Representative
  • Lenny Roberts, Franklin County Representative
  • Richard Woodjer, Hampden County Representative
  • Alan Everett, Hampshire County Representative
  • Rudy Medeiros, Norfolk County Representative
  • Steve ward, Plymouth County Representative
  • Ryan MacKay, Worcester County Representative
  • Robert Parrish, Budge Committee Representative
  • Charles Proctor, Budget Committee Representative
  • Will Pickard, Budget Committee Representative
  • Alex Dowse, Director At Large
  • Meghan Gennings, Director At Large
  • Mike Pineo, Director At Large
  • Heidi Cooper, Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chair

The new board was seated on Dec. 6, and will serve until the organization’s 2020 annual meeting.