January 2019, voting delegates to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th annual meeting recommended to the AFBF board of directors that the organization convene a Farm Bureau- and producer-led coalition to review methods to restructure and modernize the current Federal Milk Marketing Order system.

The working group was tasked with identifying a solid base of FMMO guiding principles that enable our members and staff to be involved in conversations and policy development on how to:

  • Reform and modernize milk pricing and revenue pooling provisions while preserving orderly marketing conditions in dairy;
  • Ensure dairy farm families across the country have a voice – and a vote – when considering how to modernize these orders; and
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges in marketing orders that we will likely face in setting our course to reach our goals.

AFBF sought nominations from states for presidents or Farm Bureau members to serve on the 12-member Federal Milk Marketing Order working group. Nominations were also sought for four state support staff to conduct research and develop materials. In June, AFBF’s Executive Committee appointed 12 working group members and four state support staff with the goal of equally representing each AFBF region.

The working group held two in-person meetings at the AFBF office in Washington, D.C., one in June and one in September.

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