The Harvest for All campaign is a partnership between Farm Bureau and Feeding America which provides food to help those in need. More than 50 million Americans – that’s 1 in 6 – including nearly 17 million children, are food insecure, meaning they live at risk of hunger. Through this program, donations of food, funds and/or volunteer hours are given to local food banks.


In Massachusetts we have a unique opportunity to join in this wonderful effort.  Many of our farmers are already donating lots of produce to their local food banks. The Young Agricultural Leaders are trying to keep a record of the amount of food we donate throughout the course of the year. Last year alone, young farmers across the country donated over 32 million pounds of food and over $810,000, and devoted nearly 13,000 hours of volunteer service!  If you’re already donating, we ask that you complete the online form or call the Farm Bureau office at 508-481-4766, where your donation will be logged. We want to be able to track how much our community is giving to local food banks. If you’re not actively donating to your food bank, please consider giving it a try—every little bit helps! You’ll be doing your part to help end hunger. Thank you!

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