In March, the SJC ruled that workers involved in on-farm “preparation for market” activities are not exempt from overtime pay while doing tasks that are considered “preparation for market”. It had been the understanding for many years that market preparation was exempt from overtime requirements.

This ruling has had significant implications for many farms across the Commonwealth. The Attorney General’s office is responsible for enforcing these policies. At the request of State Representative Natalie Blais, staff has agreed to meet with local farmers to give an overview of overtime rules and regulations and will do their best to answer questions to help you to understand the application of the ruling. The Attorney General’s office will do their best to answer questions and provide clarification on the grey areas that exist in regards to what constitutes “preparation for market” activities versus other farm tasks which are covered by the overtime exemption.

The meeting will The meeting will occur on Friday, September 13th at 1pm at Nourse Farms in Whately.

We understand that some folks may not be able to attend the meeting and may have questions. If so, you can use the form below to send your answer to Farm Bureau and we will give it to the AG. Answers will be posted on our Web page. Note that you may remain anonymous.

Please post your questions by September 9.

Farmer Questions to be submitted to Attorney General

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