APR Survey Information & Results

Chapter 61 Program Information

61A Tax Publications:

Cannabis Control Commission

Farmers Guidance Cannabis Control Commission Report (PDF)

Equine Industry Help & Info

Massachusetts Laws for the Equine Industry *MFBF Membership Required

Farm Plate & DOT

MA Farm Plate Application (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

FMCSA – ELD/DOT PowerPoint Presentation (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Slow Moving Vehicles (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Farm Plate Guide (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Using MA Farm Plates in Maine *MFBF Membership Required

Overweight Permits & MA Farm Plates

Livestock Regulations for Boards of Health (BOH)

Background on BOH Regulation of Livestock (PDF)

Draft-Model Livestock Regulations for Boards of Health (PDF)

General Farm Help & Information

Draft-Model Livestock Regulations for Boards of Health (PDF)

Right to Farm (PDF)

Farming in the Wetlands (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

MA Best Management Practices Guides

How to Determine the Right Farm Rental Rate (PDF)

UMass Soil Testing Program


Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

Am I an Employee?: Employment Relationship Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Tax Information

FVAC Chapter Land Recommended Value for Fiscal Year 2021 (PDF)

Animal Excise Tax Values – FY2021 (PDF)

Farmland Crop Development (PDF)

Excise & Sales Tax Guide For Farmers (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required

Application for Excise on Farm Animals, Machinery & Equipment (PDF) *MFBF Membership Required