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Together we can make a difference. The Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation is made up of more than 6,400 families organized in 11 county Farm Bureaus throughout the Commonwealth. We are the largest general farm organization in Massachusetts as well as the largest state Farm Bureau in New England. Our member families help form part of American Farm Bureau's 5 million members nationwide. Generations of farm families have discovered that Farm Bureau helps find solutions to issues facing their businesses. The wide array of programs that MFBF offers are designed to give strength to our organization as well as the agricultural community within Massachusetts. By becoming a member of our "grassroots" non-profit organization, you have the ability through your local county Farm Bureau to establish state and national policy and influence overall direction of our organization. By working together, the Massachusetts Farm Bureau and our members can make a difference.

Massachusetts Farm Bureau Membership packages:

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Platinum Club Member $500.00 Annual Dues
Platinum members provide financial support to Farm Bureau at the highest level. May vote on issues & sit on committees

Gold Club Member $300.00 Annual Dues

A member actively engaged in the business of agricultural production or service as described in the county and/or state-by-laws. Recognition is given to Gold Club members in state annual meeting program.

Regular Farmer Member $195.00 Annual Dues
A member actively engaged in the business of agricultural production or service as described in the county and/or state by-laws. The farmer or the representative of the farm has voting privileges with the organization. 

Business Allied to Agriculture $200.00 Annual Dues
A member who has interest(s) in agriculture as described in the county and/or state by-laws.

Associate Membership $60.00 Annual Dues
A non-farmer who joins to support agriculture an associate may participate in the same programs as a full or part-time member (with exception of voting privileges).

Friends of Local Farmers $20.00 Annual Dues
Massachusetts Farm Bureau’s Friend of Local Farmers serves to help form a unique relationship — a common bond — between Massachusetts farmers and You and me!  In fact, it’s one way we’re building community! Friends of Local Farmers provides Massachusetts families with an opportunity to find and purchase locally grown food, ask questions and along the way make friends with the farmers who grow our food. (with exception of voting privileges and is totally electronic).

Student Membership (for members 16-25) $20.00 Annual Dues
Is if you are interested in agriculture and are between the ages of 16 and 25.  Student members shall be entitled to be recognized for debate and information, but shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Online Application

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Below is a copy of our Membership Application. If you prefer, fill out the application and mail it to our Marlborough office or email us at ( to download, simply right-click on the file and select "Save Target As...." )

MFBF Application (Printable PDF)

Ag Commission Application (Printable PDF)

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